If you are considering to open a marketplace yourself with Dokan Multi vendor, planning ahead can solve most of your troubles. Dokan is a state of the art WordPress plugin capable of powering large businesses.
We are releasing soon! It is time to deliver! We have redesigned the Project Manager plugin after months of research and frontend designing following your feedback, we hope that we have improved this to something that will really impress you. We have followed several popular project management
Online shopping is now a big thing. Though Amazon and eBay are the largest market of them all, there are hundreds of other newer markets sprouting every year each with their innovation in service. If you want your market like them, this is the best time to start one.
Having a long list of customers who come back to you is an achievement. But getting there is hard. It takes a lot of dedication and smart moves. Happy customers have a higher returning rate. So, customer happiness is the magic mantra? Mostly, but there are several other factors that convert a one-time customer to a loyal one.
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